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Make Your Mark With Stickers!

There is something special about stickers that make people smile. Maybe it's the nostalgic feeling of collecting them as a child, the appreciation for the artistic creativity; whatever the reason, we just know people of all ages LOVE LOVE LOVE STICKERS!  Did you know there is an enormous international sticker trading commu­nity? STICKERHEADS around the world COLLECT & TRADE stickers all the time.  This activity is not limited to borders or oceans - it's an international sticker trading craze.  If you give-away your sticker it is possible your brand will circle the globe without the use of the INTERNET! It's true!


Excellent Promotional Investment

Stickers are powerful promotional tools that make a statement. They speak for themselves. They are bold and mobile. People collect them, share them, place them on cell phones, laptops, cars, bikes and bus benches. STICKERS are traded, photographed and circulated through countless forms of social media. One sticker can be seen by millions of people for the cost of a quarter. All you need to do is get it out there.


Branding, Branding, Branding

Stickers create curiosity. Using stickers to BRAND your company or product is a smart way to  PROMOTE. Stickers MOBILIZE YOUR BRAND in very intimate ways because people come in contact with them, carry them, peel them and stick them to objects that belong to them. When people use your stickers they identify with your message, BRAND and concept. Branding with stickers connects you to your fans and customers.





Don't get stuck, GET STICKY!


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